About WebArtisan.info


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About WebArtisan.info

Hi! My name is JD, and I’m starting WebArtisan.info to share what I’ve learned over the years as a web developer with other people.

My goal is to contribute to the awesome community of PHP and Laravel developers on the web and to help people:

  1. Learn more about PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or other web technologies that are useful.

  2. Save time and solve problems that occur in the daily grind of web development.

  3. Kickstart a great career as a web developer. Software development and web development are among the world’s best careers, and I’d like to help more junior developers kickstart their careers.

About Me

I have been a full-time web developer for over ten years and have been building webpages since the early days of the web. One of my first jobs after high school in 1999 was developing a marketing website for a small software company.

Since then I have

  • Worked as a systems administrator with Linux, Unix, and Microsoft technologies

  • Worked for Opera Software writing about browsers and web technology

  • Built websites for freelance clients using WordPress

  • Built and maintained a large corporate intranet written in ColdFusion

  • Built a corporate intranet site using Laravel in PHP

  • Built a web-based educational game in Object-Oriented PHP with a complex database and a backend administration system made with Laravel

  • Along the way I acquired a BSc. in Computing and Information systems from Athabasca University

After all of these experiences I feel like I can say that I’ve been a huge beneficiary of the great resources that others have created, both free and paid, over the years, learning from YouTube videos, online courses, StackOverflow, and blogs like this one. I truly hope I can contribute such value to others.

Don’t be shy — say hi, and enjoy my articles as they come!